Can they complete a Mass Save® Assessment in-house?

The Mass Save program offers valuable incentives for energy-efficient upgrades, including heat pump installations. An installer who can conduct the assessment in-house streamlines the process, ensuring you maximize available rebates and incentives.*

As a Home Performance Contractor since 2015, Endless Energy regularly conducts Mass Same Home Energy Assessments for communities throughout Massachusetts. Book Yours Today!

Do they offer assistance with rebate and heat loan filings?

Navigating the paperwork for rebates and heat loans can be complex. An installer who helps with these filings simplifies the process and ensures you take full advantage of available financial incentives.

Endless Energy has a dedicated team that will help you find flexible financing, whether privately or with a Mass Save HEAT Loan. We also have a dedicated team that processes all warranty and rebate paperwork. And we will to make your heat pump rebate and instant one – so you don’t have to wait!

Do they use in-house installers and technicians?

An in-house installation and service team ensures better workmanship and accountability. It guarantees a much smoother installation process than if installers are subcontracted.

At Endless Energy we are proud ourselves on our work. All installations are done by Endless Energy HVAC installers and only some electrical and carpentry work may be subbed out depending on the season. Look for our trucks throughout the Massachusetts installing heat pumps in towns like Newton, Framingham, Cambridge, Somerville, Milton, Dedham, Concord, Lincon, Waltham and more!

Which heat pump brands do they install?

Different heat pump manufacturers offer various features and efficiency ratings. Knowing which brands an installer works with allows you to assess the quality and options available to you.

Endless Energy offers LG, Mitsubishi, Fujitsu, Bryant, and Bosch heat pump systems to residents throughout Massachusetts.

Are they a preferred contractor for those brands?

Being a preferred contractor for specific manufacturers often indicates a high level of expertise and a strong working relationship with those brands. Preferred contractors also typically access much longer warranty period for their customers.

Endless Energy is a LG Platinum Installer, Mitsubishi Diamond Elite Contractor, Fujitsu Elite Installer, which allows our customers to have a 12 year warranty on their equipment.

What labor warranty are you getting on your heat pump installation in Massachusetts?

Most companies only offer a 6 month to 1 year labor warranty. What this means is that if your equipment has any manufacturer equipment warranty work that needs to be done after that period that you will pay for the labor associated with that repair.

At Endless Energy we offer the opportunity to upgrade to a 10 year limited labor warranty* that makes your heat pump install worry free for 10 years.

*Requires regular annual system maintenance.

How long have they been installing Heat Pump Systems?

Many HVAC companies only began installing Heat Pump systems very recently. When choosing an installer, make sure to ask how long they have been working with Heat Pumps versus gas or oil systems, since Heat Pumps tend to require a high degree of specialization to install correctly.

At Endless Energy we’ve been installing Heat Pumps since 2013 and understand what cold climate heat pumps will work well for your home in towns throughout Massachusetts.

Want to work with a company that checks all these boxes and more? Contact us today to see why Endless Energy is consistently chosen as a local expert for heat pump installation!

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