Considering heat pump installation in Massachusetts? More and more savvy homeowners are considering the excellent benefits these nifty systems provide when compared with traditional HVAC equipment. Heat pumps are electric, making them a greener, more eco-friendly choice for heating and cooling. Plus, modern heat pump technology is incredibly energy efficient!

Heat pumps come in both ducted and ductless options, and afford both quiet, powerful cooling in the summer and excellent heating in the winter. Did you know that it’s a total myth that heat pumps won’t work during a New England winter? The high-quality heat pump systems we install are able to provide heating at temperatures as low as -15°!

Plus, we’re a highly experienced team when it comes to heat pumps; partnering with the most reputable manufacturers in the industry. Our status as a Mitsubishi Diamond Dealer (with a standard 12-year warranty), LG Platinum Pro Dealer, and Fujitsu Elite Dealer means we can often get your product installed faster. It also means we have a wide selection of quality heat pumps to pair perfectly with your home and budget.

To find out how heat pump installation could benefit you, keep reading or get in touch with one of our professional technicians.