Did you know that the Mass Save® Home Energy Services Program offers 0% financing for 7 years via the HEAT Loan for eligible home upgrades? Learn more about these upgrades and how you qualify and save below.

What is the Mass Save HEAT loan?

The Sponsors of the Mass Save Program work with the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources to increase energy efficiency for residents and businesses. One service in particular that Mass Save offers is the HEAT Loan. With the Mass Save HEAT Loan, homeowners can qualify for a loan of up to $50,000 with 0% financing and terms up to seven years.

What does it include? The Mass Save Heat Loan covers the following services to eligible customers:

  • Heating & Cooling*
  • Heat Pump Installation*
  • Window Upgrades
  • Insulation: Insulation & Replacement Windows
*April 30, 2024 is the last day to apply for a HEAT Loan for natural gas furnace and boiler replacement systems.
**Must meet system requirement.

How does the HEAT loan work?

After you complete a no cost Mass Save Home Energy Assessment with Endless Energy, one of our specialists will recommend how to proceed. If you qualify for energy efficiency improvements to your home, our specialist will give you HEAT Loan folder with the application form. Our specialists will evaluate your needs, whether you qualify for 0% financing, and recommend the specific improvements you can take advantage of.

After you’ve decided on the improvements with our specialist, you’ll receive a HEAT Loan Authorization Form that you’ll need to take to an “authorized lender” (bank or credit union). Once you take the form to the bank, sign some forms, and get approved by your lender, you’ll receive a check for the Mass Save services. We’ll set up an appointment and do all the home improvements from there and you just pass over the check for the completed work.

How can you benefit from a HEAT loan?

Let’s look at some numbers. Air conditioning and heating account for 44% of energy bills. However, by installing a heat pump system, you can save hundreds to thousands. Why? Heat pumps are up 330% more efficient than window AC units or central AC, and are comparable in cost to install as central air. Plus, not only do they provide cooling at better efficiency than anything else on the market – they also heat your home at temperatures as low as -15 outside.

But there’s more! The Mass Save HEAT Loan covers insulation and air sealing work with 0% financing. The EPA estimates that you could save 20% on your energy bills by upgrading your insulation. Also, you can save even more with 0% financing towards the mitigation of identified barriers preventing insulation installation, like knob and tube wiring, vermiculite, asbestos, and mold abatement. So if you’ve been putting off doing insulation work due to one of the following reasons – it may be time to reconsider.

How can we help? Our services

We do the paperwork and installation; you get the benefits. One of our favorite services is installing ductless mini-split heat pumps. Through the HEAT Loan, you can get a mini-split with 0% interest for up to seven years, plus the additional Mass Save rebates may cover up to 40% off the cost of your system. For more information on ductless heat pump rebates, check out this page. Our other major service covered by the Mass Save HEAT Loan is insulation. The additional Mass Save rebate for insulation can save you 75% on insulation services.

Simply reach out to us for your Mass Save No-Cost Home Energy Assessment and, next thing you know, you could be saving!

For more information, give us a call at (508) 501-9990!

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