Endless Energy is proud to partner with Newton’s Climate and Sustainability Team on a campaign, called 4 Our Future, to encourage and support Newton residents to make four key energy efficiency/renewable energy home upgrades: weatherize, heat and cool smart with heat pumps, use green transportation, and use renewable energy.

60% of the Newton’s City’s greenhouse gas emissions come from residential buildings and vehicles, that’s why we need everyone — renters, homeowners, and students — to take action

Here’s how Endless Energy is prepared to help the citizens of Newton:

  1. No Cost Mass Save® Home Energy Assessments for Newton:

    A no cost Mass Save Home Energy Assessment finds inefficiencies in how energy is used in your home. During the assessment, an Energy Specialist will identify energy-saving opportunities and help you access available rebates, incentives, and 0% financing.Don’t forget if you are a Newton resident looking to install heat pumps or insulation, a Home Energy audit is your first step to accessing incentives and rebates (including up to $16,000 in rebates for air source heat pumps subject to eligibility).Schedule your Mass Save® Home Energy Assessment with Endless Energy
  2. Weatherization & Insulation for Newton: 
    Did you know retrofitting better insulation or installing new insulation could reduce your home’s carbon footprint by as much as 30%?Fortifying your house from both the winter weather and summer heat is your best return on an energy investment.Weatherizing — insulating plus air sealing — makes sense even if your home already has some insulation. Acting now brings you a lifetime of comfort, energy efficiency, and cost benefits.
  3. Heat Pumps Installations in Newton:Also known as minisplits, heat pumps come in both ductless and ducted systems. Air source heat pumps move heat in and out of a building—much like an air conditioner that can also run backwards to provide heating during the winter and cooling during the summer (two systems in one!). Cold climate heat pumps, which Endless Energy specializes in, can provide high-efficiency heating even when it’s well below zero outside.

    When designed and operated correctly, heat pumps can save you thousands of kWh, and hundreds of dollars, over the course of the year. All of these benefits are achieved while greatly reducing harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

    Book a Consultation to Install Heat Pumps for Your Newton Residence

  4. EV Charging Stations in Newton:With 35% of Newton’s greenhouse gas emissions coming from gas cars, how you get around makes a difference.Getting ready to purchase your first electric vehicle (EV)? Endless Energy can assess your readiness based on your electric service, offering 200 AMP upgrades or energy management system that may make EV charging possible, and install a Chargepoint or Juicebox Level 2 Home Charger.

Want to learn more about our weathization, heat pump, and electrical service for Newton? Call us at  (508) 501-9990 and one of our Customer Care Associates will be more than happy to help!

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