VRF stands for variable refrigerant flow for both air conditioning and heating.  In a nutshell, VRF is a large-scale heat pump system that performs at a high capacity for both commercial projects and large residential projects. VRF is a superior way to heat and cool any commercial or large space, providing individual setpoints per indoor unit, and a very quiet comfort experience. In the heat recovery configuration (this requires a heat recovery box), VRF also allows for heating and cooling simultaneously in different zones, further enhancing energy savings and increasing occupant comfort.

Endless Energy has installed numerous commercial HVAC projects in Massachusetts using VRF technology in applications such as hotels, churches, retail stores, and warehouses. When it comes to VRF, Endless Energy is a certified installer of both the LG Multi V Series and Mitsubishi City Multi systems.

If you are a Massachusetts business owner looking to upgrade your heating or cooling system, VRF HVAC systems are a great option. They are designed to conserve energy as the system is only used when it is needed, which means it does not run as much or at full capacity. It also captures the heat from the cooling process and uses it elsewhere in the building that may need heating.

In Massachusetts qualifying VRF equipment may be eligible for rebates of $3,500 per ton.  As a Mass Save Heat Pump Installer Network member, Endless Energy can help commercial customers understand their eligibility for Mass Save incentives and options for a VRF heat pump installation. For additional information and to learn more about eligibility for Mass Save commercial VRF incentives please click here.

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