Massachusetts is the #1 most energy efficient state in the US according to the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy. For the past six years, Massachusetts has led the country in green energy efficiency with its innovative programs and incentives. Not only do these programs earn fancy titles, they also help Massachusetts residents save unprecedented amounts of money.

It’s easy to benefit from these environmentally friendly and money saving initiatives. In fact, your first step to becoming more energy efficient costs you nothing—a Mass Save Home Energy Assessment with Endless Energy.

Endless Energy performs Mass Save Home Energy Assessments at no cost. No matter who you are you can benefit. With our home energy analysis, Endless Energy figures out how to save you money on your energy bill and how to live a greener life! A complete assessment is conducted by an expert who will provide you with a personal report on ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency and install up to $625 in no cost energy and power saving appliances and $1,200 in energy efficient services. You can see the improvements on the spot. Additionally, the report entitles you to thousands more in available rebates and power savings.

The best part is, with these improvements, the more you use the more you save! Energy Efficiency is a simple and easy way to lower your carbon footprint while receiving enormous rates on return. In fact, Mass Save calculates that every dollar they spend on this initiative leads to $4.69 in savings for you.

It seems a little too good to be true. In fact, sometimes we get comments like this:

Well. It’s true, and in fact you have already helped finance the program. The Home Energy Assessment is funded by a charge on electricity and gas bills. The electric and natural gas companies work with the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources and energy efficiency service providers to send energy experts like our professionals at Endless Energy to your home.

If you have not already taken advantage of what you paid for, call (508) 501-9990 to schedule your Mass Save energy audit today. Once you begin, you can take advantage of these wonderful products and services.

What is provided by Endless Energy Mass Save Energy Assessment?

With a Mass Save Energy Assessment with Endless Energy you receive

  • A personalized energy audit report for your home
  • Energy Efficient Power Strips
  • Programmable or Discounted Wireless Thermostats
  • 100% Target Air Sealing
  • 75% off of your insulation services
  • Water Saving Shower Head’s

Power Saving TrickleStar Power Strips

Did you know that 5-10% of your household energy consumption comes from standby power consumption? Even when you are not using your electronics—think TV, computer, printers, etc.—they are zapping power. Traditional energy strips expand the amount of power outlets available, but encourage you to keep electronics on standby mode. In standby mode, they continue to draw power even when they are not in use. This costs money, wastes electricity, and increases your carbon emissions.

Power saving strips actually shut down power to electronics when they enter stand-by mode. So when you aren’t using something, it’s not using power. That means more money savings, less electricity, and a smaller carbon footprint. In fact, if power was not used when electronics were in standby, we would reduce our global carbon dioxide emissions by 1%.

Programmable or Discounted Wireless Thermostats

Air conditioning and heating account for 44% of energy bills. That means that almost half of your bill goes to regulating the temperature of your house. Simple changes can help cut these cost. In fact, each degree warmer you set your thermostat in the winter is 1% saved on your energy bill. Using programmable thermostats is an easy way to enact this change.

Programmable thermostats allow you to control the temperature of your home, so you can decide the most comfortable and most energy efficient temperature. (If you want to set your house the best energy saving temperature for your thermostat in the winter, read this article.) With the energy audit, Endless Energy will install these thermostats for you.

Maintaining the balance between a comfortable living temperature while being as energy efficient as possible can be difficult. This is especially challenging if you want to save energy by cutting heating or air conditioning when you aren’t home but want to come back to an enjoyable climate. Who wants to enter a house that is 30 degrees in February after a long day at work?

Endless Energy energy auditors can help mitigate this relationship by installing wireless thermostats at no cost. These thermostats allow you to control the temperature of the house on the go; therefore you do not have to pay for unneeded heating or air conditioning when you are not home, but you can return to a cozy living situation. All you have to do is wirelessly program the temperature from afar. These wireless thermostats also alert you when filters need to be changed or the temperature is too hot or too cold. These added benefits help protect your home, save you money, and reduce your carbon footprint.

One wireless thermostat company found that on average,

  • Homeowners used 10-12% less energy with wireless thermostats.
  • This reduced energy use accounts for $131 to $145 in savings on your energy bill each year.

In addition to thermostat installation with your Endless Energy Mass Save audit, Mass Save offers Honeywell Lyric Round™ Wi-Fi Thermostats or Building 36™ Wi-Fi Thermostats for $50, or a rebate of up to $125 on any other model. It’s a true energy saver!

Air Sealing and Insulation

According to the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy, insulating your home can help save, on average, 12% on your utilities energy bill and 16% on your heating and cooling bill.

This energy saving process is accomplished in a couple of ways. Air sealing involves making cracks and openings between the inside and outside of the house airtight. By patching these openings between doors, windows, floors, walls, ceilings, and your attic, air sealing prevents air leakage. In the summer, less cooling from your air conditioner leaves your home, and in the winter, less heating from your heat pump of gas furnace leaves the home. Likewise, the temperature outside your house is less likely to leak into the house. This allows your (newly installed wireless thermostats) to regulate your temperature while using less energy. Your Endless Energy Mass Save Auditor will perform target air sealing at no cost. You can find out more about air sealing here!

Insulation is also an easy way to maintain the temperature of your home. Like air sealing, it helps maintain a stable temperature by resisting heat flow between the inside and the outside of the house. Unlike air sealing, insulation covers the entire envelope of the home. Anything that is in direct contact with the outside should be insulated. With this protection there is less work for your air conditioner in the summer and heating in the winter, reducing costs and increasing comfort! Insulation effectiveness relies heavily on proper installation. In fact, some insulation requires professional installation. With your Endless Energy Mass Save energy audit you can save 75% on insulation services, up to a $2,000 value.

Water Saving Shower Head

While the above options help you save money on heating, cooling, and electricity by reducing its use, homes also expend energy on water use. Reducing water flow lessens water usage and the amount of energy used to heat that water. This sort of saving is two-fold: on your water bill and your heating bill. By installing low flow water saving fixtures like shower heads, the Department of Energy estimates that you achieve water savings of 25%–60%. Showers account for 20%-30% of all household water usage, and one water saving showerhead can save the average household thousands of gallons per year. Furthermore, not heating that amount of water is another estimate $50 savings on heating costs. Endless Energy’s Mass Save work will install a no cost shower head with the Mass Save Energy Audit, and you can begin to reap the benefits.

Who Can Participate?

Whether you are a homeowner, renter, or landlord, you can take advantage of this no cost program that increases your home’s energy efficiency, expands your green practices, lowers your carbon footprint, and saves money on your utilities bill. Heating, cooling, Air Conditioning, and electricity costs can be slashed dramatically with this no cost home energy audit offered by Mass Save and Endless Energy. What’s more? This is not a one time savings, you will continue to benefit year after year!

With 7 energy auditors and counting, Endless Energy is one of the leading Mass Save partners in the state. The Endless Energy Mass Save Energy Assessment is so easy; our energy experts conduct your audit and process your rebates. All you have to do is schedule the time and be present. By investing in your savings you are cutting energy costs in your home for the rest of your life.

We serve greater Metrowest Massachusetts, and can be available at your convenience in as little as two weeks. If you are in Bolton, Southborough, Marlborough, Westborough, Cambridge, Dedham, Milton, Newton, Natick, Framingham, Franklin, Brookline, Dover, Hopkinton, Lancaster, Medford, Sharon, Sudbury, Southbridge, Walpole, Worchester, or the surrounding areas CALL (508) 501-9990 or schedule you appointment here.

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