Leaves are falling and so is the temperature outside. As homeowners prepare to settle in for the long Massachusetts winter, more and more are considering making the switch to an all-electric Ductless Heat Pump system.


Ductless Heat Pumps:

  • Efficiency – Electric heat pumps are far more energy efficient compared to a gas furnaces.
  • Installation Costs – Heat pump systems usually cost less than the installation of a furnace because furnaces require an extensive ventilation system, which can increase the cost in a home not already outfitted for this need. The heat pumps we specialize in are ductless, so no need for extra construction work on your home!
  • Operating Costs – In most of America, electricity rates are lower than natural gas. Therefore a heat pump system will cost less to operate than a gas fired furnace.
  • Quietness – While furnaces do not always make a tremendous amount of noise, ductless heat pumps operate whisper quiet – so you’ll barely notice they’re there.
  • Safety – There is no risk of carbon monoxide poisoning while using a heat pump, and they run on electricity which is typically considered a safer source of heat.
  • Multi-Purpose: Ductless Heat Pumps work for both heating and cooling, so can eliminate the need for both a furnace, as well as window AC units in the summer.
  • Size – A heat pump system requires an inoor and outdoor component, while a gas fired furnace just has an indoor component. The two units of a ductless heat pump work in unison to read the temperature outside compared to inside and adjust according to the temperature you set on your thermostat (and we recommend a programmable one).

Gas fired furnaces have been used for decades to warm homes, and the technology is antiquated. The advantages and disadvantages of this type of home heating equipment include:

Gas Furnaces

  • Lifespan – A gas fired furnace is typically considered to have a slightly longer lifespan (avg 15 years) than a heat pump, although our heat pumps are backed by a 12 year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Less maintenance – Since a gas operated furnace is only used for a few months out of each year, the maintenance requirements are less than those for a heat pump, but a heat pump provides all year-long use and is a fantastic option over a window AC for energy efficiency.
  • Safety – A gas leak could result in an explosion. Since heat pumps run on electricity, this is not a concern.
  • Cleanliness – The products of gas combustion can result in dirtier air and poor indoor air quality in the home.

With many years of experience in the heating and cooling service industry, we are proud to have helped thousands of homeowners achieve and maintain comfort with new heat pump heating system. Please call or email us at any time to see if an energy efficient heat pump fits your lifestyle.

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