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Good ductwork should be durable and built to last. Good ductwork is usually made of sheet metal, aluminum, or galvanized steel. Other types of ductwork are comprised of fiberglass or fiberboard material. But like most structures, ductwork can get worn down over time. Holes or tears can show up unannounced, causing you to lose air. What causes this is a constant expansion and contraction of your air ducts in response to changing temperatures. Consequently, they grow brittle over time and form holes and cracks that cause air leaks.

Other causes of duct leaks can be traced to animal damage. Small animals tend to seek shelter during the winter months, and for some, there’s no better place to hide than your air ducts. But some animals, such as mice and rats, can chew through your ductwork and cause holes to appear.

No matter what the cause is, it’s important to seal leaky ducts with a good product. You can try older methods like duct sealing tape or a mastic sealant. However, both have their downsides. Duct sealing tape may wear out or get loose over time. A mastic sealant can crack or peel off under pressure. Thankfully, there’s a patented alternative for your ducts, and that’s Aeroseal.

Aeroseal is a patented type of sealant used to plug up holes in your ductwork, both inside and outside. It’s a special material applied that keeps your air from leaking out, thus preventing your monthly energy bills from skyrocketing. There are several reasons to use Aeroseal as a means of enhancing HVAC efficiency. Below are the benefits of using Aeroseal for your home.

Keep Allergens Outside

It’s Environmentally Friendly

Aeroseal is 100% water-based and contains no toxic fumes. Therefore, it emits no pollutants and is perfectly safe for your home. You’ll save on the environment, and you won’t leave any carbon footprints. Plus, you won’t suffer any ill effects of inhaling toxic fumes. The only thing you’ll notice is a slight odor that resembles glue, which dwindles within a day after application.

Not only is Aeroseal environmentally friendly, but it can also save you a bundle on monthly energy costs. In fact, you can save as much as 40% while increasing energy efficiency in your home. Aeroseal’s airtight seal technology makes it easier to fill every hole in your ductwork without the mess.

Greater Temperature Control

Good temperature maintenance is essential for your home. It boosts personal morale and provides a place where you can relax and be comfortable. But holes and tears in your ductwork can easily disrupt this, leaving your HVAC system unable to moderate indoor temperatures.

Aeroseal Is Noninvasive

With Aeroseal technology, you can seal your ducts in ways that are simple and noninvasive. You don’t need to do massive amounts of construction that include taking down walls or ceiling panels. There’s no need to redo your ductwork or replace anything inside your HVAC system. All that is needed is for a technician to get in there, check for holes, and seal them up with Aeroseal.

Thankfully, Aeroseal comes in a tube with a patented machine designed to aim at a hole and fill it up immediately. This minimizes any further work needed to secure your ducts from air leaks. As a homeowner, you’ll have enough peace of mind knowing that your ductwork is sealed from further damage.

It’s Durable Enough to Last for Years

With Aeroseal, your ductwork will last for many years. You won’t need to keep fixing leaks or holes, and it can save you even more money on monthly energy expenses. Aeroseal isn’t just a sealant, but it’s an adhesive that keeps your ductwork together. In fact, Aeroseal is backed by a 10-year warranty but is known to outlast it.

Improved Indoor Comfort

Imagine returning to a warm, cozy home on a cold winter day. That’s your HVAC system working efficiently and smoothly at the same time. Consistent warm air that comes into your home without a draft means that your ducts are strong and without leaks. Aeroseal provides improved home comfort without the hassle of having your ductwork taken apart and replaced. Plus, Aeroseal is applied inside and beneath your home’s insulation, which makes it easier to reach hidden leaks and seal them up.

It Improves Indoor Air Quality

If you want to protect yourself and your home from outside toxins, try using Aeroseal for your ductwork. It reduces the appearance of radon and decreases the health risks associated with it. It blocks outdoor pollutants from car exhaust and nearby factories, which makes it effective in home and commercial settings.

Another fun fact about Aeroseal is that it helps keep dust and pollen from entering your home. You’ll get added protection against allergens, which improves respiratory health. You’ll breathe much easier, even during days when the pollen count is up.

Greater Protection Against Noise

Living in an urban area has its advantages. You can walk to the nearest store, or you can catch a bus. And if you live in a city where you celebrate local festivals or attend concerts, chances are you’re never bored. Sadly, urban life doesn’t help a bit when it comes to having holes in your ducts. So why not patch them up with a little Aeroseal?

Aeroseal offers protection against the noise pollution that’s so common in many cities. Air that’s forced through any gaps in your ductwork brings a lot of hubbub with it, which disrupts sleep and impacts you daily. Aeroseal seals these gaps, thus putting a halt to any further disruption.

Increases HVAC Efficiency

Nothing puts greater strain on your HVAC system than leaky ducts. Air that escapes from any gaps causes cold drafts inside, which are easily detected by your thermostat. It sends a message to your HVAC to produce more heat, which means higher costs and less efficiency. It puts a lot of strain on your HVAC system, which results in wear and tear. Sealing duct gaps can decrease this likelihood.

You can improve the quality of your airflow and increase efficiency by having ductwork holes covered with Aeroseal. Your air flow will be stronger, and it will be distributed equally throughout your home.

Call the Pros

If you suspect your ducts of having gaps, call the professionals immediately. Getting an inspection done can help you pinpoint the problem and get it fixed. Endless Energy of Massachusetts has professionals who know about ductwork and how to fix it.

Our company offers a variety of energy efficient solutions for your home. Under the Mass Save Home Energy Assessment Initiative, we offer home energy audits that assess your energy use. We provide indoor insulation that keeps your home temperature stable regardless of the weather. We can install heat pumps for your home to help you reduce your carbon footprint. We can install both ducted and ductless heat pumps, both of which are excellent during the coldest winters.

We partner with major companies like Mitsubishi, Bryant, & LG to bring you the best quality heat pumps for your home. Endless Energy serves Greater Boston, Metrowest North Shore, South Shore, and Central Massachusetts communities. Call today at (508) 501-9990 to learn more about what we have to offer.

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