As the winter finally gives way to refreshing spring weather, you might want to cast your mind a little further to the upcoming summer heat. Fun family vacations and Cape Cod getaways are just a start: You also need to prepare your air conditioner for the summer heat. Here’s what you need to know about staying cool when the mercury rises.

Schedule Professional Maintenance

One of the first things that you want to do to prepare your AC system for the upcoming summer season is schedule professional maintenance. This includes things like lubricating moving parts, cleaning out dirty parts, changing air filters, checking electrical connections, and so much more.

When you have a professional come in, they can ensure that there are no problems with your system and that it will be working as optimally as possible throughout the upcoming summer season. If there do happen to be any small problems with your cooling system, you can easily have them addressed before you need to use your AC system consistently.

Program Your Thermostat

Once the weather warms up, you need to address your thermostat. First, switch it from heating mode to cooling mode. This is a good time to review your programming to ensure optimal comfort and energy efficiency to help you get more for your money all summer long.

Inspect Your Vents

Next, you’ll need to inspect all the vents that run throughout the rooms of your home. Check that nothing is blocking these vents and that they’ll have adequate airflow for at least a few feet out from the vent. The more open space you leave around these vents, the more adequately they’re going to be able to cool down your space. Give the vent covers a quick vacuum while you’re at it to remove any buildup of dust and debris.

Clean Around Your Outdoor Unit

Throughout the blustery winter and fall months, leaves, pine needles, and other outside debris often get blown up against your outdoor condenser unit. Take the time to clean up any accumulated debris around your condenser unit before the summer heat hits. Check that the outdoor unit has ample space for air to flow freely around it. Trim back any shrubs and low-hanging limbs, too, and clean up weeds.

Clean Around Your Indoor Handler Unit

Just as you need to clean around your outdoor condenser unit, you also need to clean around the indoor air handler, too. Many people store boxes, seasonal decor, and other items around the indoor air handler during the winter months. That creative storage solution could come back to haunt you once you need your AC again. Clean out any stored items before warm weather hits and before your HVAC technician arrives to service the air conditioning unit.

Order Spare Air Filters

Air filters are the key to ensuring that you not only have great indoor air quality but also that your system is running as efficiently as possible. While your professional HVAC technician will likely change out the filter in your AC system when they perform service on it, you’ll still want to be mindful of filter care.

Have at least one new filter on hand at all times so that you can replace your air filter whenever you notice that it is dirty. Dirty filters will run up your energy bill and decrease your indoor air quality. If you hold the filter up to a light and can no longer see through it, then you know it’s time to change it.

Consider Duct Cleaning Service

When cleaning the vent screens, you might have noticed dust and other debris inside the actual duct. This is a sign that you need duct cleaning. You cannot clean your ducts yourself. Professional duct cleaning, on the other hand, uses specialized equipment to clean dust, pollen, pet dander, and other problematic substances out of your ducts and leave them clean and fresh.

Not only will professional duct cleaning keep air flowing freely throughout your system, but it will also boost your indoor air quality. Even better, your Endless Energy HVAC technician will take a look at the entire duct system to check for loosening joints, holes, cracks, or other issues that need to be addressed. Small problems can quickly turn into big problems, and catching them early gives you the best chance of a fast, affordable solution.

Don’t Forget to Switch Your Ceiling Fans

While not a part of your air conditioner, your ceiling fans still have a critical job to do when it comes to keeping your home comfortable. Use the switch on the fan to change the direction it spins. In the winter, you want the blades to move clockwise to keep the warm air circulating throughout the room. On the other hand, in the summer, you’ll need to switch the blades to move in a counterclockwise direction.

This will force the air straight down onto you and create a wind chill effect. Your room will feel up to 10 degrees colder than it is. When your room feels cooler, you can set the thermostat at a higher temperature, which reduces the strain on your air conditioner and your overall energy costs.

Straighten Your Compressor Fins

Metal fins surround the compressor. These fins help disperse air properly, but are small and easily bent. For the best results and greatest efficiency, the metal fins must be straight. If you spot damage from tree limbs, leave accumulation, or other normal activities, you need to straighten the fins. You can do this using a thin comb called a fin comb.

Fin combs are available in a variety of sizes at the hardware store. Count the number of fins contained within a single square inch on your cover to find the exact size you need. You can also use a flat screwdriver to help bend the metal fins back into place, but be cautious about how much force you use as these fins can easily be broken. We can help keep those fins straight and efficient, too, and one of our techs will check for fin damage at your seasonal service and address it quickly and easily.

Test Run Your AC System

One of the last things you want to do as part of your springtime cooling system maintenance routine is give your AC system a test run. Turn your thermostat down at least five degrees below your ambient indoor temperature. Ensure that your systems kick on. You want to walk around to each supply vent throughout your home and check that cold air is freely coming out.

Schedule Professional Maintenance Today

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